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Midwest Door & Window is one of Southeast Michigan and Metropolitan Detroit’s leading suppliers of garage doors and operators. We have hundreds of doors available for immediate installation to meet your needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior products and services, and have been proudly maintaining this standard since 1992. Visit any of the manufacturer sites for more details or contact us today!

Customize every aspect of your door with our Visual Builder including panel design, insulation, glass inserts, and more! 

Standard Garage Door Replacement Prices (Amarr Lincoln Series)

Type Size Price Installed (including tax)
Non-Insulated 8’x7′ $640.00
Non-Insulated 16’x7′ $875.00
Insulated 8’x7′ $825.00
Insulated 16’x7′ $1,275.00

* Prices include removal of existing door, re-connecting existing opener, new exterior weatherstripping, and all tax/labor.
** Prices exclude optional additions including: glass top, low headroom track, wood-grain color options, etc.


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