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Legacy by Phantom Screens is the only retractable door screen with an integrated Latch & Release handle making it easy to use, quiet to operate and secure from unintended openings. Legacy provides superior insect protection and enhanced natural ventilation for your home while maintaining your view and décor.



Phantom Retractable Screen Solutions
22655 Heslip Dr.
Novi, MI  48375

- Retracts out of sight
- Insect Protection
- Fresh air Ventilation
- Latch and Release handle
- Fits most all door types
- Built-in lubricant
- Glides smoothly along tracks
- Premium and custom color options
- Easy operation with secure closure
- Warranty & Service
Door Types

- Single out-swing doors
- Single in-swing doors
- Double out-swing french doors
- Double in-swing french doors
- Sliding patio doors
- Oversized doors
                 Width     Height
Single Unit:       Max 48”        78” to 100”
                    Max 36”        100 1/8” to 120”
Double Unit:     Max 96”         78” to 100”
                         Max 72”        100 1/8” to 120”