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Prestige retractable screens are perfect for custom wood windows.  Prestige retractable screens blend seamlessly with the interior finish and profile of custom wood windows. The screens disappear out of sight when not needed to restore the view. They are mounted inside the window frame and are available in seven wood species to ensure a near perfect match to the window.


The housing for Prestige retractable screens is manufactured from extruded aluminum to which a stainable wood veneer is applied. A matching solid wood slidebar complements the housing and ensures that the screen is as perfectly matched to the custom wood window as possible.



Phantom Retractable Screen Solutions
22655 Heslip Dr.
Novi, MI  48375

- Retracts out of sight
- Wide range of finishes
- Varying mesh options
- Solar shading
- Mesh retention system
- Built in latch system
- Inside jamb mounted
- Optional removable tracks
- Warranty & Service
- Warranty & Service

Window Types

- Single-hung windows
- Double-hung windows
- Casement windows
- Awning windows
- Sliding windows
- Tilt & turn windows
- Fixed window shading systems
                    Width            Height
                   18” to 72”                Max 78”